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Top Ten Reasons the Stomach Flu is Okay with Me

December 2, 2015, 12:44 pm

Top 10 reasons why having the stomach flu over Thanksgiving is the shizot:

1. You cannot overeat (well, you can…but (butt)
2. You have to sleep…a lot
3. You have time (between bathroom trips and aggressive hand washing) to get the majority of your holiday shopping done online
4. You get the chance to learn tons about yourself by taking buzzfeed quizzes (My barbie resting bitch face is way cuter than yours)
5. You can’t drink alcohol (well, you can…butt/barf)
6. You pretty much get a free full body detox for free
7. You have to keep away from others (contagious = quiet)
8. You don’t have to grocery shop because 7 and 1
9. You can binge watch every series you’ve never cared to see and if you’re reeeeaaaaaalllllly lucky (like me) you may discover how you want to be proposed to (even if you never plan on being remarried- evah!)
10. ***You actually LOSE weight during the holiday season***

PS: I’m all better now. Shout out to Jessica for risking her life to bring me gatorade. Love you, awesome nerd.

Dripping Class

February 16, 2015, 6:49 pm

Valentine Day Dress Debacle

Wedding Photog Fashion Trend

1.Just left for Valentine wedding shoot. Just also realized my dress is on backwards. And now sweating like a farm animal.
Good signs, right?
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2.Latest Wedding Photog Fashion Trend
#wearitbackwards #switchitaroundbeforethereception #fronttagsitch

This (or something equally embarrassing and hilarious) has happened to you, right? Tell me, tell me.